Musky Fragrances
Price: $4.50 each or 5 bars for $20.00

Mayan Gold
This is a mix of rare woods, spices and amber. It is considered an oriental fragrance with a very unique note: chocolate! Our blend contains a large amount of essential oils (Sandalwood, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Mandarin, Lemon, Grapefruit, Neroli) along with synthetic notes of Vanilla, Chocolate and Musk.


Mayan Gold Vanilla Soap Bar
Price: $4.50
Price: $20.00 for 5 bars

Honey Vanilla Love Dust
This is the incredibly sexy aroma of raw honey, cocoa butter and chocolate.


Honey Vanilla Love Dust Soap Bar
Price: $4.50
Price: $20.00 for 5 bars

Loving Spell


Loving Spell Soap Bar
Price: $4.50
Price: $20.00 for 5 bars

Amber Romancing


Amber Romancing Soap Bar
Price: $4.50
Price: $20.00 for 5 bars



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